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Employee Screening

Many companies and government agencies run background checks on potential hires, current employees and also suppliers and contractors that provide services or business to those companies.

Job resume and background screeningIt's vital to have good information about your business partners, employees and the people you count on to keep your business going. As an employer, you're not "prying" into someone's personal details, you merely want to know if the people who have such an enormous impact on your business, your livelihood, and your future, are representing themselves in a truthful and responsible manner, just as you are representing your company to them.

Two of the companies at the top of most people's lists are Intelius and Universal Background Screening.

Intelius provides comprehensive employment verification services. So if your company is in need of pre-employment screening services, Intelius has solutions for all sizes of companies, from large Fortune 500 companies to neighborhood businesses.

Universal Background Screening is a top provider of employment background screening solutions including a wide selection of background checks, verifications, drug tests, employment physicals and compliance management services.

Employee screening reports typically return information about a person's home phone number and address, local and national criminal records, misdemeanor and felony details, sex offender status, bankruptcies and more. This is information you can use to make a better informed decision about your potential employee.

If you are an employer, and especially if you are an owner of a small business, you may want to consider that if you aren't normally doing background screenings on potential employees, you could be putting yourself, your business and other employees at risk.

Hiring the best people and working with the top suppliers can be crucial for your organizationís success. A good screening service will offer a broad range of services to help you reduce workforce and workplace risk. These various employment screening services help detect possible issues — like past criminal records, resume exaggerations, drug use, employer sanctions and poor performance histories — before they can pose a threat to your company.

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Intelius for background searches and employee screening services
Intelius offers legal background and public records searches of potential and current employees.

Universal Background Screening
Universal Background Screening provides background checks, verifications, drug testing, employment physicals and compliance management services.